Manifestations of allergies

Manifestations of allergies can differ depending on the part of the body that is most affected (sometimes, allergic reactions can be combined). Allergic eye damage — allergic conjunctivitis; allergic damage to nasal mucous membrane — allergic cold (rhinitis); allergic bronchial damage — bronchial asthma; allergic skin damage — hives.

Fighting off allergies

Manifestations of allergies inconvenience the daily life. Therefore, as soon as there are any signs of a possible allergy, it is important to reassess the environment, potential allergens or irritants, the time of origination and duration of symptoms, as well as their impact on the quality of life to consult a family physician or allergologist. The most effective way of treating an allergy is prophylaxis. It means that we must know the allergen and exclude any possibility of contact with it.